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Rotation presentations revised

Even though I still have a month left of maternity leave, I've been thinking about the school year and what new and different things I want to do. About five years ago I stopped having students present in front of... Continue Reading →

Reading for detail

A few weeks ago I read a blog post about a storyboard extension activity, and when I decided to use it this week in class I couldn't find the blog post and had to go off of what I could... Continue Reading →

Dictation/translation and “story strips”

On Tuesday the 7th graders made a character (See A Natural Approach to Stories). They couldn't decide on the character's color so they decided that it would change color depending on its emotion. Matching feelings and colors made for interesting... Continue Reading →

Comprehensible and compelling input

The biggest impression Carol Gaab has had on me as a teacher of novice language learners has been that the input that learners receive should be comprehensible and compelling and delivered in a novel way (be repetitive without being boring).... Continue Reading →

Fluency circles

Today I did fluency circles with my 7th graders. The classes are big so they were actually fluency lines. We did a class story on Tuesday. We read the class story on Wednesday, and then drew 6-frame storyboards. On Thursday... Continue Reading →

“Deskless” Classroom

For the past few years at the beginning of the school year, I've watched many teachers share photos of their deskless classrooms, and this year I finally gave it a try. At first a deskless classroom sounds gimmicky so I... Continue Reading →

CI and FVR baby steps

Today I post a long intro about why I'm uncomfortable with the term CI and about my experience trying out FVR, but before that I want to share a few pictures of the beautiful organization that some parent and student... Continue Reading →

Literacy Strategies

Even though it's the end of the school year, it's worth noting literacy strategies that are new to me and that I'd like to use next school year. Here's my plan to use three literacy strategies that are either new... Continue Reading →

Minimal preparation activities

Here is a collection of blog posts featuring activities for language classes that require minimal preparation (e.g. low-prep, no prep): 10 minimal preparation games to enhance phonological awareness and decoding skills┬áby Gianfranco Conti Seven minimal-prep/high impact techniques to focus students... Continue Reading →

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