A few years ago while reading a chapter of Mira Canion’s Agentes secretos, my class simulated a live radio show of a couple chapters of the novel with dramatic read alouds, sound effects and background music. Students used YouTube, Freesound and SoundBible.

Today at a conference presentation on teaching elements of a short story, Rachel Medeiros shared a few resources for royalty free music.

Rachel uses videos clips to teach the elements of a short story. Then, her students write and develop their own short stories and film them. In the post-production phase she teaches students how to search for royalty-free music, cite it and use it to further polish their projects.

I have a 9-month old baby. I went back when she turned 5 months, and since then I’ve been feeling a little meh about school. Anyway, I’m looking forward to applying what I learned from Rachel today to rethink the Agentes secretos radio show project and perhaps even turn it into a film project.