Today I did fluency circles with my 7th graders. The classes are big so they were actually fluency lines. We did a class story on Tuesday. We read the class story on Wednesday, and then drew 6-frame storyboards.

On Thursday (today) for warm-up they listed in Spanish everything they could remember from the story. Then I projected one of the more neatly done storyboards and we talked about each frame. They we TPRed some of the key vocab. Then we went to the hallway and formed two lines of students facing each other, and they partnered with the person across from them in the other line. In round 1, each partner had 90 seconds to tell the story using the storyboard and no notes for help. In round 2, each partner had 60 seconds, and in round 3 30 seconds. Everyone in one of the lines rotated to the left at the end of each round.

Storytelling and storyasking involve so much time listening to the teacher that I think it’s important to balance that time with student-student interaction.