Like the rest of the world, I’ve been obsessed with the music video for Bomba Estéreo’s Soy yo. My sisters and I keep sending each other texts or links  the video. soy-yo-text So obsessed that I had to do a unit on it.

Here’s the tentative plan. There might be a need for additional review before moving on to day 4. We’ll see how it goes.


  1. Students will be able to recognize and understand the structures “se preocupa”, “la aprueban” and “la critican”.
  2. Students will be able to say what makes them special.
  3. Students will be able to list their talents.
  4. Students will feel a sense of community and safety by getting to know more about each other and a willingness to share special talent.

Tentative plan

  • Monday (day 1):
    • Model the mingle activity
    • Students do mingle/interview activity to review vocab for hobbies and leisure activities (See Bex post for more detailed instructions)
    • Brain break and transition – watch the music video
    • Students write summaries comparing themselves with their classmates
    • Exit ticket: students respond to the questions ¿Tienes un talento especial? ¿Cuál es tu talento especial?
  • Tuesday (day 2):
    • Introduce structures “se preocupa”, “la aprueban” and “la critican”
    • ¿Tus padres aprueban? activity. Students are presented with an activity and have to say whether their parents would approve or not approve of that activity, like a boyfriend with piercings and tattoos. Still need to make the graphic organizer for this activity.
    • Brain break and transition – since it’s election day, watch the elections version of the music video
    • Base reading from Kara Jacobs’ activities
  • Wednesday (day 3):
    • MovieTalk of the music video focusing on the target structures
    • Transition activity – Play Before and after again focusing on the target structures
    • Embedded reading of the music video based on Jacobs’ activities
  • Thursday (day 4):
    • Plickers survey to preview the song’s theme of self-acceptance
    • Listen to the song and read Spanish/English lyrics (See Jacobs’ activities)
    • Talk about the phrase “soy yo”
    • Modified version of Zambobazo’s Cancionero for Soy yo
  • Monday (day 5):
    • Reading assessment: Read adapted version of NYTimes article on how this viral music video has inspired pride and confidence amongst latinas
    • Writing assessment: Prompt – Write a diamante poem about your uniqueness in which students say what makes them special and what talents they have – very fast, a bit like Mad Libs
  • Friday (day 6 – Bonus day!)
    • Talent show(case) – An in-class talent show (with non-performance option to be part of talent exhibit). Students share their special talents like being able to play the hand trumpet or flip a water bottle. Students introduce talent in Spanish.