When I was in grad school I went to a workshop on speed reading, and two things really stuck with me. One – I don’t have to read aloud in my mind, especially when reading academic articles with words that take forever to pronounce. As long as you’re an advanced reader and speaker of the the language you’re reading, you don’t have to say a word aloud in your mind to understand it. Two – why hadn’t any of my teachers or professors taught me the SQ3R (SQRRR) reading strategy? 

The SQ3R reading strategy was developed by F. L. Robinson in 1946 and is a useful strategy for retaining information read in informational texts. I’m excited to share it with my students so they won’t have to learn about it after high school and college like I did. I’m also excited to share it with them because my 8th graders are finally able to do the surveying, questioning, reading, reciting and reviewing in Spanish with level-appropriate informational texts.

Here’s the handout I gave them:sq3r-metodo-de-lectura